Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here we go Again

Hi Everyone,

The day at the Embassy went well. We arrived at 9:00 AM and walked right passed all the foreiners waiting to get into a little piece of Canada. We filled out some forms then were told to come back at 4:30 to pick them up. We spent the day sightseeing with Vitaly and the kids. When we went back to the Embassy everything was ready! (I almost passed out) The lady walked me through what we had to do and made me promise to fill out the progress reports required by the Ukrainian government. It's because these reports have not been filled out by other adopting Canadians the the quota for Canadian adoptions is so low (24 this year vs. 569 in the USA, yes we got lucky). We went out for supper to celebrate.

The alarm clock went off at 3:20 AM Wakey Wakey. Then 2 groggy kids came into the bedroom to get us up and ready for the cab at 4:00AM. We must have been running late cause the driver had no problems going 150-160 km/h down the highway to the airport. We had a quick breakfastwhile waiting for the loading call. It came around 5:00 AM, as we were checking in a problem arose. Nobody at Air Canada had told Lufthansa we had changed our flights. (I hate Air Canada) After some scrambling around they got us some seats. From there it was another line for the security clearance. I knew they would be asking for additional paperwork for the kids, and had it ready. It took them another 10 minutes to clear us. We walked about 50 feet to stand in another line for a "what the hell" check, then 100 feet to stand in another line for the carry on check. We arrived at the gate as they were loading. Nicholas can see airplanes now and the kid is ecstatic! We go down some stairs and get on a bus to take us to the airplane. Well a bus is not an airplane and Nicholas started bawling, the poor little bugger cried the whole way to the airplane. We took off a 1/2 hour late because "it's Ukraine", and flew into Munich. We sat there for 2 hours with 2 grumpy, tired, and confused kids. We met some poor guy from Canada that knew Ukrainian so Nicholas tormented the poor guy all the way to Toronto. (He had the misfortune of sitting directly behind the boy.) In Toronto we had less than an hour to clear customs, go to immigration to get the kids permanent Visa's, find our luggage, and get to the gate. We didn't make it. Another flight was leaving for Winnipeg in about an hour so I didn't have the time to call Shane. (Now you have to come over for a beer next time in Wpg.) As I approached the cab the driver said hello in English I almost hugged him. Altogether we traveled for 24 1/2 straight hours. We got home at 9:00PM, and I was sleeping before 10.

The kids seem to like the house (lucky for them, it's a long walk back) They have gone through what I think is everything until Nicholas finds something else. I think I've said "Don't Touch" about a million times. We are now kid proofing the house.

From here the adventure really begins! Thanks to everyone who posted, and sent email, and those who tried and couldn't post due to some glitch. (It's Ukraine) We have stories to tell for years to come. The price is one beer per story! (I'll supply my own)




Cory & Laurie said...

Congradulations you are home with your new family. We both wish you all the best. That was quite the trip. The Blog was a great idea. I enjoyed reading about your adventure.

Nicole and Paul said...

hi guys - welcome home! wow what a travel day! we're soooo glad to hear you're back and all is well - enjoy your family time!
Nicole and Paul

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! We hope you continue to have wonderful adventures with your lovely children.
We wish you all the best!
The Reimers

Shane said...

Congratulations. Wow, what an adventure and no reports of any international incidences with Rob and .... anyone else. Glad you finally made it home with your new family. Sorry I did not get to see you in TO. I will definitely stop by for a beer next time I am in town but I will also expect some perogies and borcsht. Anyway, I know the kids have great parents and a great home you are right....your adventure is about to begin.


P.S. Rob, I didn't realize how much money you actually make. If you can afford one beer per story then I would also like to be adopted. Do you have room for one more?

Shane said...

Forgot one thing. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure. The blog was a terrific idea.


B&T Kilometers said...

Hooray you are home! Thank you for all the updates. We enjoyed following your adventure and wish you the best as you settle in.
Take Care
Tannis & Benji

Kim & Brad said...

Welcome home! We are so happy for you. Hope to see you and meet the kids soom.

Anonymous said...

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